Tax Filing Instructions

1. Submit all tax documents to White’s Tax Service via email, fax or mail

2. Before being filed, Form 8879 (IRS Efile Signature Authorization) will be emailed as an attached file or faxed

3. Sign the attached Form 8879 under “your signature & date” & spouse signature & date”

4. Scan and email or fax the signed Form 8879 to White’s Tax Service

  • Our Fax Number (615)216-0453

5. Tax preparation invoice will be emailed as an attached file

6. You can pay by check, debit card or credit card

7. Click on “Payments” tab at the top right side of the page or call us and we can take the payment over the phone.

8. Once the payment is received the return is transmitted to the IRS

9. An acknowledgment (Form 9325) will be sent to you (usually within 24 – 48 hours) when the IRS sends a “Return Accepted” status with the date of refund

10. Refunds generally are deposited into your bank account on a Friday (usually the first Friday acknowledged by the IRS)

11. A final and complete copy of your tax return will be sent via email