About Us

Don White is certified in Church Business Administration (CCA) and a Tax Accountant with a degree in Accounting & Business Administration, from Middle Tennessee State University, Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Religious Education from Temple Baptist Theological Seminary. He was ordained in 1972. He also attended the Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy.

He has worked in Church Business Administration for 18 years and further served as an assistant pastor (12 Years). He served as the Church Business Administrator for Trinity Baptist Church Trinity Baptist College, Trinity Christian Academy, Trinity Rescue Mission, and Gethsemane Memorial Gardens in Jacksonville, FL. He managed the budget for the church, college, academy, rescue ministry, cemetery, youth camp, support services, which grew from six million dollars to over twelve million dollars in ten years.

He is a constant speaker on Stewardship and preaches in churches, and stewardship banquets. He has been a pastor for over 18 years in Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, and Florida and an assistant pastor for 12 years. He further worked as a tax accountant and auditor for one of the top CPA companies, senior accountant for an insurance conglomerate, and CFO for a manufacturing company. He continues as a college professor teaching courses on Church Finance and Church, Law and Taxes and Money Management.

He continues to prepare pre-audit reviews for churches across the nation plus church consulting and compliance in areas of finance, tax, payroll, budgeting, bookkeeping, bylaws, internal control, cash management and legal issues affecting churches.

He conducts Family Stewardship Conferences teaching Biblical principles on removing debt, wise investments, and money management. He also teaches Church Stewardship to pastors, treasurers, bookkeepers and church leaders on budgeting and money management principles using vision, objectives and goals. Tax, legal, good governing practices, governing document compliance and risk management evaluation are an important part of protecting the church from state, federal local governments.

He is the author of “Principles of Church Finance”, “Church Law and Taxes” and “Developing a Constitution and Bylaws” and is currently writing a book on “The Real WMD’s (Weapons of Moral Destruction)”.

He serves as a treasurer on several mission boards.

He is a member of the National Association of Church Business Administration, QuickBooks Professional Advisor, and Professional Tax Accountant specializing in pastor’s tax returns, personal tax returns, church payroll tax issues, church payroll and tax returns, non-profit 990 returns and church and non-profit 501(c) (3) tax exemptions.